My name is James, I was born in Letterkenny, Donegal but I spent much of my childhood years in Corby, England but has lived here in Derry since 2004. I was saved at the age of 13. As an older teenager, I drifted away from the Lord and from faithful church attendance, but I always knew that God was at work in my life.

I started coming to Derry Baptist Fellowship on the first Sunday of 2011 and have been heavily involved in the church ever since. I began to help with many of the ministries in the church including the media ministry, the children and youth ministries, the radio ministry, and the outreach and discipleship ministries.

I was very blessed to be trained for the ministry in the Derry Baptist Bible Institute and worked as an assistant in the church for over a year before becoming pastor of the church in the summer of 2013. I have a real heart for all people and a vision for our city and for the whole world. One of my greatest moments in ministry was to be asked by a local young man “teach me the bible” and that is the thing I am so privileged to do, I love to share God’s Word with others and watch them blossom and grow in God’s grace!

For fun, I enjoy watching football and boxing, looking into my family history, and love to chill in peace and quiet. My favourite food is free food, but if pushed a Kebab. My favourite verse in the Bible is John 10:27 and favourite chapter is 1 John 1.

If you want to get in contact with me, you can email me or phone 07963 601115.